Safety & Environmental Management


The management and staff of KIM TIONG HUAT CONTRACTOR PTE LTD are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment through:

  1. Work within the defined scope of the WSH management system based on SMC requirements;
  2. Comply with the legal and other requirements;
  3. Protection of occupational health and safety of our employee;
  4. Continual improvement of Workplace Safety and Health Management System.

Risk Assessment Procedure

  • According to the nature of work in KIM TIONG HUAT CONTRACTOR PTE LTD, Activity-based Risk Assessment methodology is adopted.

Implementation and Review

  • The results of risk assessment must be approved and endorsed by Top Management.
  • KIM TIONG HUAT CONTRACTOR PTE LTD would, as far as is practicable, implement the recommended risk control measures as soon as possible
  • Action plan would be prepared to implement the measures. Review plans every three years or review should take place whenever:
  • Whenever new information on safety and health risks surfaces;
  • There are changes to the area of work and / or After any accident or serious incident.
  • The risk assessment team should undertake the same three steps (hazard identification, risk evaluation and risk control) when conducting a risk assessment review.